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At King Bathroom & Kitchen , we take pride in having the perfect solutions for your luxury bathroom renovation needs. We offer an extensive range of bathroom items, from baths, toilets, showers, taps and basins to radiators, towel warmers and many more options, all meant to create the luxury bathroom of your dreams. For all our projects, we use high-quality products to ensure excellent outcomes. This can be attributed to our solid partnerships with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Expect a wide variety of high-quality bathroom furniture and accessories to choose from for your new luxury bathroom renovation needs.


Ensure Your Dream Bathroom Becomes Reality
Bathroom Renovation

Whether your bathroom is compact or overly spacious, trust us to convert it into a beautiful luxury bathroom. Our bathroom designers will take your abstract ideas, turn them into concrete designs and build for you a bathroom that will meet your specifications and expectations. In fact, we will walk the entire journey with you, keeping you updated and sharing more ideas you might want to consider incorporating in your bathroom renovation project.

Normally, our skilled craftsmen hand-select materials to bring together the components that are required to meet your individual needs for a luxury bath. We ensure that your bathroom has luxurious finishes and textures that also compliment the entire space. You can still choose your preferred finish and we will execute it to your satisfaction.

We are also big on marble walls and floors to give your luxury bathroom renovation that natural and material feel. We settle on decor that is natural but also one that does not go out of fashion. Call it timeless.

For a comfortable, beautiful and premium finish to your luxury bathroom design, we are daring enough to experiment with different textures. These are just some of the very many metrics we take into consideration when renovating your bathroom into a luxurious space full of calmness and comfort.


Creative Solution For A Luxury Bathroom Renovation

We understand that the client is king and as such, we take into account each and every one of your needs and implement it. Depending on your needs, we will take the exact measurements of your bathroom so that our bathroom renovation products fit perfectly over your existing fixtures to give you that beautiful luxury bathroom you desire. Our reputation is anchored quality and this applies not just in luxury bathroom renovation but also kitchen renovations. Our luxury bathroom signature is giving your space some classic style, with pastel colours embedded in a very sophisticated way.

We offer different packages for each of our services but the one thing that stands out and sets us apart is the affordability. We guarantee you one hundred per cent value for your money. Your preferred design, materials and look and feel determine the charges. We assure you that there will be no hidden charges. Expect total transparency. No matter the size or type of project you assign us, we will complete it on time without compromising quality. We also have a very open communication policy that ensures we loop you in on what’s happening until completion. Even after completion, we encourage our clients to keep in touch because we value them. If you are thinking of a new luxury bathroom renovation, do not hesitate to take action. Contact us immediately for a magical transformation of your bathroom into a beautiful luxury bathroom. With our wide range of certified luxury designs to choose from, you will not have to stress over what will look good in your bathroom space. At the end of the process, you will be surprised at how affordable it is to renovate your bathroom. It is all a worthy investment.

Bathroom Renovation


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Bathroom Renovation

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