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Don’t we all want our commercial establishments to be comfortable places where employees, clients and visitors will want to visit again? We all do. But not many of us know that a simple new commercial bathroom renovation could guarantee that.
All you have to do is bring in a professional to survey your establishment and help you develop the most suitable commercial bathroom design. At King Bathroom & Kitchen , this is what we do best. Over the years, we have built new commercial bathrooms for different kinds of establishments and also worked with clients from across multiple industries to remodel their bathrooms into fantastic facilities. With so many styles and designs to choose from, there’s really no limit to renovations you could possibly do to polish your bathroom.


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Think of how better your business image could be with a beautiful commercial bathroom for your visitors to use! You will be pleased to know that there’s a potentially endless list of bathroom designs and themes to choose from that can perfectly blend into your establishment.

On your own, this can be hard to achieve. But when left to the experts, expect mind-blowing results.
Our team, for instance, values your personal preferences. Be it a luxury commercial bathrooms renovation or a simple makeover, we will deliver as per your needs and to your satisfaction. No matter what your tastes and preference are, we are up to the task.
You can choose many themes at the same time, from the colour scheme, bathroom design to lighting fixtures, and we will help you blend them into a beautiful commercial bathroom.


Creative Solution For A Commercial Bathroom Renovation

You could always do a complete remodel of your commercial bathroom. Renovations and remodelling are basically the same things. Remodelling is like a heavier version of renovation. While renovations usually take a lighter approach, a remodel will alter most of your commercial bathroom’s structure. It’s a great option, considering the fact that commercial bathrooms must attain and retain high-quality standards. Doing a remodel could cost you more compared to renovations. It’s however worth it.
Doing a remodel ensures you do away with the old bathroom facilities. If there’s something that you didn’t like, you can remove it completely, like a wall restricting free movement and limiting space. A bathroom remodel is like a complete makeover. When the project is complete, you can be assured that you’ll be left with a beautiful commercial bathroom.

Commercial Bathroom Remodel Considerations

When it comes to new commercial bathroom renovation, you cannot afford to work with small spaces. Remember this is a facility that is used by so many people. It’s therefore wise for you to consider how big your space is for such a renovation. Another thing to consider is your budget. Don’t worry if have less cash to invest in this. You can still have that beautiful commercial bathroom you desire without paying a fortune. It largely depends on who you are working with. At King Bathroom & Kitchen, we believe that an expensive renovation project isn’t necessarily the best or most effective. Having completed countless commercial bathroom designs over the years, we can show you what will work best for your budget Together, we will figure out if the space your bathroom covers is enough. Should there be a need for more space, we will show you the many creative ways to achieve this. Get The Perfect Bathroom Remodel For Your Commercial Needs Whether you’re doing light renovation on top of your original design or going for a completely new setup, pick the right team. You’ll soon find out that the overall costs for your commercial bathroom design project will be greatly reduced when you partner with the right company. Working with the right team will also save you a lot of time, money and unnecessary hassle. From the conceptual design to securing building permits all your needs will be taken care of.

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